Skywest Airlines Ltd
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The Company.

On 19 April 2013, Virgin Australia completed its takeover of Skywest Airlines Ltd. The information below is historic and pre-dates the completion of the acquisition. Following the Acquisition of Skywest Airlines (Australia) Pty Ltd was re-named Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Pty Ltd.

Skywest Airlines Ltd (formerly known as Advent Air Ltd) was a diversified airline, aerospace and investment group incorporated in Singapore.

The Company's objective was to build a substantial regional airline operation in the Australasian and South East Asia region. The Group's principal subsidiary was a high capacity airline operator and holiday package supplier in the Australasian region, Skywest Airlines (Australia) Pty Ltd (“Skywest”), it held an Australian High Capacity Air Operators Certificate enabling the operation of large commercial aircraft for charter and regular scheduled air passenger traffic.

Skywest was the sole permitted airline operator on a number of coastal routes in Western Australia (subject to periodic re-tendering) that provided Skywest with a platform of passenger numbers and revenues for flights to and from these coastal destinations.